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• When the sun sets over Dolores Park • The guitar solo in Summer by Brockhampton • Walking at night under the still sky • Arriving somewhere for the first time • Having a deeply personal conversation with a stranger • When dinner with someone you love runs until closing time • Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón • Riding the M train over Williamsburg Bridge • Plucking up the courage to put something right • Making a baby laugh • When Michael Jordan lies on the floor sobbing after the sixth Bulls championship • Spitting a verse flawlessly • Spicy mezcal margaritas, yikes • Thinking about how autumn felt this time last year in New York when the air was warm and the streets were still new • Watching the boys skate until late at Southbank • Returning to my old haunts and being remembered • The time people have dedicated to helping me get better at my crafts • Running into Brazilians in Borough Market and speaking Portuguese • The certainty that the world is both big and small • Collaborating with new people • How my mom hollers at the top of her lungs when The Way It Was by The Killers plays in the car • How I’m really going to miss that someday • My friends’ well-earned successes • Maeve’s speech about her dream house in S2E2 of Sex Education • Voicenotes from America • Celebrating my 11 year break up anniversary with my first boyfriend • Frank’s studio live of Nikes • Wondering if I could make it in a small town • The awe I feel when I read anything by Terrance Hayes • Long drives leaning my head against the window • A hug that goes a little too long • Bare feet on cold grass